Floorwork for Burlesque and Beyond with Arlene Caffrey


Town Hall Theatre Studio

Do you feel at a loss when it comes to floorwork? Or perhaps you too are seeking to become the slinkiest, most seductive possible version of yourself when it comes to rolling about on the floor?

Whether you are a floorwork novice or floor f***er through and through, this workshop is about making the longest lines possible, understanding how to combine your movements seamlessly and sensually, extending your ankles and getting the most out of your every movement. In this workshop, Arlene will break down the secrets of floorwork from her 12 years of expertise and will show you how to make the smallest movements have the largest impact to the audience. Arlene will break down her flowing transitions and dynamic movements as well as signature shoulder rolls, balances and poses. You will leave this workshop with the skills to create your own floor choreography and with a clear understanding of the proper technique for impressive floorwork.

Suitable for all levels. Wearing layers / knee pads / leg warmers is very much required.

Price per person: €20

Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop begins and wait in the theatre foyer.
Late arrivals will not be admitted.

About La Petite Mort:

This pint-sized bundle of sparks is the burlesque alter ego of Ireland’s pole dance queen, Arlene Caffrey.

La Petite Mort is the reigning Miss Burlesque Ireland. Her favourite things are impossibly high heels, splits and being upside down.

Bringing her love of sexy flexy acrobatic antics, she has performed all over Ireland and the world including Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Moscow, Auckland and more. When Arlene is not galavanting around the world, you can find her at her studio sharing her love of all things sexy; the Irish Pole Dance Academy in Dublin.

Best known for her ‘Bad Bosco’ act in which she hilariously ruins fond memories from Irish childhood, her signature style combines gravity defying antics with more body rolls, high kicks and magical leg twirls than you can shake a stick at! She will stun you with her vivacity, blind you with her flexibility and after all she wows you with, you will still be left begging for more! You’ll be seeing splits for days…