Tyler Eros

PerformerTyler Eros
CountryNorthern Ireland


Currently a film art student in university with a background mainly in theatre,  Tyler Eros has seriously taken up burlesque since Summer 2017. Since taking classes with Soup Du Jour, he was able to devise his own act for the Newcomer Competition Night of “Belfast Burlesque Festival 2017” in which he placed 3rd overall. He has since performed his act at “Queertopia” (an alternative LGBT networking and befriending performers around the country. cabaret show in Belfast) and has been an avid supporter of the Burlesque scene in both Northern Ireland and the Republic.  His Burlesque persona “Tyler Eros” is pretty much an animated  exaggerated (and slightly dark) representation of himself and his interests. Best described as “alternative-neo performance” Tyler hopes over time to be able to incorporate a rich variety of performance styles pop culture influences and aesthetic music costume comedy etc into his artistry with the hopes of becoming an established and original male burlesque artist!

Catch him competing for “The Rising Star of the West” on 18th May.

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