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PerformerLou Safire


96% Extrovert, 4% Polyester. May Cause nausea and short range radio interference if used incorrectly. Not suitable for children under the age of 18. Hand wash only!

Born somewhere between London and Hell, international vaudevillian Lou Safire has been strutting his stuff across ther nation since 2008.

Working on new and unusual Burlesque projects with a bohemian streak, Lou is trained in many aspects of dance, bringing this to the stage through his routines involving strip tease and fan dancing .
Not one to shy away from the heat, Lou’s fire performances leave you red hot.

Using classic routines, Lou’s lust for the darker side of vaudeville takes him to a new level combining circus skills with traditional freak show stunts.

Catch him performing at the Gala Show in Town Hall Theatre on 19th May.

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