Knockout Noire

PerformerKnockout Noire


Winner – Star of the West 2015

She came, we saw and wanted more!
Miss Knock Out Noire has been killing them softly with her….. ahem, “song” in the burlesque scene for the last five years. A performce artist and and vocalist who’s not afraid of her audience, she adds elements of African dance vocabulary to many of her pieces; Miss Knock Out Noire is never afraid to throw the first punch! She will leave you either with a jaw drop or the love/hate relationship of what she does. She combines comedy and raw movements to encourage the audience to reconsider the taboos and stereotypes she includes in her acts, from the depths of the “jungle”, to flying through the sky with Airline Eortica, including the act of Kinbaku bondage to her repertoire for a more “naughty” experience. Hailing from the US one of her biggest influences would be the legendary Josephine Baker. Similar to the lovely Baker, Miss Knock Out Noire is also a vocalist using the same raw power in her dance as well as her singing. Having been on stage since childhood, she has been learning and growing through different means of performance whether they be music, dance or art.

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