Bella A GoGo

PerformerBella A GoGo


Bella is an award winning Burlesque Queencelebrating her 11th year in performance art and burlesque. Bella is as passionate as ever; performing, creating and expressing all that is beautiful, powerful and celebrating the everlasting human spirit. A producer, creative director and collaborator with Her Dark Pearl Burlesque shows in The Liquor Rooms, successful shows in The Sugar Club, 2 successful American tours and last years’ European Burlesque festivals Bella loves to cross-pollinate with performers nationwide and internationally and always has Her hands in multipule honey pots! Bella wants to push the envelope and always there to encourage others Bella strives for herself and others to live and experience their best selves. Don’t dream it be it.

Catch her performing at the Gala Show in Town Hall Theatre on 19th May.

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